So Many Loved Ones Can Still Be Saved

NOW APPROVED: Easy-to-use, over-the-counter RiViveTM (naloxone HCl nasal spray 3 mg) for the emergency treatment of opioid overdose.

Unlike other opioid overdose products, Harm Reduction Therapeutics will make RiVive™, which can save lives, available for free or at low breakeven cost.

FDA-approved RiVive™ is a novel over-the-counter intranasal formulation of naloxone (3.0 mg) delivered as an atomized spray (0.1 ml). It uses an easy-to-use standard unit dose system for single administration for the emergency treatment of opioid overdose without a prescription. HRT anticipates making RiVive available in early 2024 primarily to U.S. harm reduction organizations and state governments for costs lower than other opioid antagonist nasal sprays. It will be exclusively available in twin packs containing two single-dose devices.

RiVive Nasal Spray 3mg naloxone HCl

It is safe to keep administering RiVive every two to three minutes until the person wakes up.

Warning: when using this product, some people may experience symptoms when they wake up such as shaking, sweating, nausea or feeling angry.

About Harm Reduction Therapeutics

Harm Reduction Therapeutics, Inc. (HRT) is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit pharmaceutical company whose mission is to increase access to a free or low-cost, easy-to-use naloxone nasal spray that will save lives that would otherwise be lost to opioid overdose.

For years, harm reduction groups and public health experts have called the need for over-the-counter naloxone to be clear, unambiguous, and represent an urgent unmet medical and public health need. HRT developed RiVive, a 3.0 mg naloxone nasal spray, to help address both (1) the high cost of prescription naloxone products, and (2) lack of over-the-counter access.

 As a nonprofit pharmaceutical company, HRT is engaging additional funding partners to help make its affordable opioid overdose treatment more accessible. HRT is focused on supplying RiVive to communities who need it most and will make at least 200,000 doses available for free.

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